Pouch Swimwear Addiction

Pouch Swimwear Addiction

My friend
introduced me to pouch swimwear a couple of years ago and I have been hooked
ever since. There is something so sexy about being a man and wearing some of
this nature, that it’s all I can ever think about now. The entire time I am at
work I am thinking about what it’s going to be like to go home and put on my
pouch so that I can relax. Then, I can sit out by my pool and enjoy the rest of
the day like I do every single day since I started wearing them.

Pouch swimwear on the micro side by koalaswim.com extreme men's swimwear

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I guess you
could say that I am addicted to my pouch swimwear in some ways. It’s like I am
jonesing for my next fix whenever I get up in the morning and head off to work.
I just wish that I could wear my pouch to work with me every day so that I
wouldn’t have to think about how great they feel. Unfortunately, that just
isn’t going to be able to work out for me. I know that someone will end up
seeing what I am wearing and think that there is something wrong with me. It’s
not that it bothers me if they do, but I really don’t want rumors spread around
about my pouch choices. That’s the part I like to keep private because I prefer
to be unique.


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Tak a Risk and Wear Pouch Swimwear

Tak a Risk and Wear Pouch Swimwear

Are you one of those daring men who isn’t afraid to
take a risk once a while? Maybe you simply aren’t afraid of what others may
think of you. Whether you are either or both of these types of men, you
probably have invested in pouch swimwear in the past and you haven’t been
afraid to actually wear it out in public. In fact, you probably loved the
attention you got from the people that watched you strut by on the beach. Many
of them most likely did a double take when they saw you because they thought
you weren’t wearing anything at all. Of course, they were partially correct
because your ass isn’t covered even a tiny bit.

That’s the thing about wearing pouch swimwear. You
really need a lot of confidence in order to pull it off, and there really are
not many men around that have enough confidence in the way they look to put one
of these on and allow themselves to be seen by others. On the other hand, you
might just enjoy wearing it at home while you are alone or wear it for your
partner if you don’t feel quite ready to launch your inaugural run in public
while wearing a pouch. Once you start looking into pouches, you’ll find many
ways that you can enjoy wearing them.


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Sheer Pouch swimwear designs by koalaswim.com cock and anal gear

Sheer Pouch swimwear designs by koalaswim.com

Pouch Swimwear for Large Cocks

Pouch Swimwear

Pouch Swimwear for Large Cocks

There are
some pretty interesting pouch swimwear options coming out these days that will
have you thanking god that you are a man with a large cock. This type of
swimwear gives you the opportunity to show the world just how big that cock of
yours is without having you walking around naked as well. Now, walking around
naked with a huge cock is quite a lot of fun and highly entertaining for those
around you, but you can’t do that on a public access beach. So instead of
getting yourself in trouble, you can wear these pouch designs at private
gatherings or clothing optional beaches and show everyone around you just what
you are bringing to the party.

If you think
you have seen every pouch swimwear option that is available, then you are
mistaken. New websites are popping up every single day that are offering their
own unique twist on these fascinating items. Of course, you are going to have
to figure out which ones you would be willing to wear, especially out in
public, and which ones you would prefer to stay away from. Just make sure that
the ones you do end up buying and wearing out to the beach are the right size
for that monster swinging between your thighs.


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Penis stretcher pouch swimwear by koalaswim.com penis enlargement

Penis stretcher pouch swimwear by koalaswim.com

Mens Speedos, speedo bulge, pouch swimwear and the ultimate bulge

Mens Speedos create a small bulge, they hide the penis, flatten it out and offer little shape to display. Pouch swimwear is all about bulge and bulge shape. A speedo bulge offers little to enjoy visually and the way it feels on. The wearer of pouch swimwear should have just as much of a thrill as the person viewing it. The ultimate bulge can mean many things to many male swimwear lovers. Some like a huge bulge and there are pouch swimwear designs for that. Some like a micro bulge and yes there are designs that offer that look too.  You can see hundreds of mens swimwear bulges here.

Thought I would post a pouch swimwear photo that blew me away. This bulge make my bulge grow. Sorry mens speed wearers you can never have this sexy of a look unless you change to designer suits. This designs is by Michael David.


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