Pouch swimwear sexy and fun

Pouch swimwear by nature is almost always sexy and fun but some mens swimwear designs that are marketed as pouch swimwear do not live up to the name. The pouch swimwear designs for men at koalaswim.com surpass even the most extreme styles but they still have many that would be fantastic beach suits and huge attention getters at an adult pool party. The pouch swimwear I like best are the penis shaped pouches and they have introduced micro pouch swimwear designs that show the penis shape in a non aroused fashion. It is both sexy and fun along with being a blast to wear!


Pouch swimwear for men by koalaswim.com

Pouch swimwear for men by koalaswim.com penis shaped pouch

Pouch Swimwear sexy mens swimwear designs

Pouch swimwear is just awesome. The fit the feel and the look is great and I love the attention I get at the beach or when I hit the Las Vegas pool party scene. The pouch swimwear mens swimwear suits by koalaswim.com just blow me away. They have got me more phone numbers than you can imagine.


Here is a photo of a design I think is outstanding.

Pouch swimwear at it’s best.


Pouch swimwear by koalaswim.com

Pouch swimwear design by Koalaswim.com for amazing visuals

Pouch swimwear for the beach and pouch swimwear for the bedroom

I would say the vast amounts of new pouch swimwear designs have been created for beach use and pool use. Pouch swimwear has changed so much over the years. Quite often the smallest bikini, thongs or g-strings you spot at a busy beach might be on a man. Not long ago the only thing you would see are those silly shorts the go almost to your ankles. One of the moving forces is the fashion sense of gay men now more than willing to show off some skin at the beach and they are having fun wearing these extreme pouch swimwear designs. The other end of the spectrum is that women are buying these designs for the husbands, boyfriends and often as girls for their men friends. There are more women than you might believe who want to see men showing more skin. For years the ladies have frolicked around the beaches almost nude in tiny bikinis and much less and they are all by no means models but that is what makes watching them so much fun. Sure the perfect body is awesome to see draped in almost nothing but a second skin bit of spandex. That is not the real world and enjoying both mens and women in all shapes and sizes is the real fun. There is beauty all around us. Men wearing pouch swimwear designs will be seen on more beaches this season all of the world. Enjoy it!. Speaking about enjoying pouch swimwear you have these totally extreme designs that would blow the guests away at an adult pool party or get that someone special so hot that they would ust have to be all over you. This photo shows how amazing an adult style sex style pouch swimwear design can be.

You can find this wild designs along with much more tame bikinis, thongs and g-string mens swimwear and even more insane and wild designs at koalaswim.com


Pouch swimwear



Pouch swimwear goes extreme narrow cut

Pouch Swimwear


Some of the
Koalaswim.com pouch swimwear designs offer’s unusual shapes compared to regular
pouch swimwear styles. The Blade pouch swimwear design is a perfect example.
This pouch is actually two pouches in one. The first pouch is for the shaft
only and the second pouch is for the balls. This style of pouch swimwear goes
for an ultra narrow look. When the wearing is laying down tanning on the beach
the suit looks like an extreme narrow v-shaped pouch swimwear designs. Only
upon very close inspection would anyone looking be able to tell that the shaft
is completely exposed on its own and wrapped in a spandex second skin. The look
is very sexy and the feel is amazing. You can see this style and many other
extreme mens swimwear designs here!

Pouch swimwear

Pouch swimwear and the cock cage

Pouch swimwear in one form or another are the only suits I wear. Even a pouch swimwear bikini feels like a big suit I am so used to wearing micro pouch swimwear g-strings and thongs. I used to wear surf short style trunks over my pouch swimwear designs but now I wear a micro bikini over my g-string. I almost always show at least 60% of my ass cheeks. Sometimes my girlfriend gets pissed off by the attention I get from men and women. She now forces me to wear a male chastity device. I have included a photo of my caged cock. She still likes me to wear micro pouch swimwear at the beach and loves my tiny tan line. She makes me show it all the time to her friends. Needless to say I am hairless down there so everyone loves to take a peek. I think most men should be shaved along with all women.


Mens swimwear by Koalaswim