Mens Speedos, speedo bulge, pouch swimwear and the ultimate bulge

Mens Speedos create a small bulge, they hide the penis, flatten it out and offer little shape to display. Pouch swimwear is all about bulge and bulge shape. A speedo bulge offers little to enjoy visually and the way it feels on. The wearer of pouch swimwear should have just as much of a thrill as the person viewing it. The ultimate bulge can mean many things to many male swimwear lovers. Some like a huge bulge and there are pouch swimwear designs for that. Some like a micro bulge and yes there are designs that offer that look too.  You can see hundreds of mens swimwear bulges here.

Thought I would post a pouch swimwear photo that blew me away. This bulge make my bulge grow. Sorry mens speed wearers you can never have this sexy of a look unless you change to designer suits. This designs is by Michael David.


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