Pouch swimwear and mens underwear

any discussion about pouch swimwear or pouch underwear must include penis shaped also known as cock shaped pouches. Most of these are pouch swimwear but many men use them as underwear too. Just about all penis shaped pouch swimwear are made of spandex Lycra. The reason for this is that for cock shaped pouches to work the must fit snug over the wearer. This designs is from the Koalaswim.com Link: Mens swimwear coming out in May 2012. Stunning are the words that come from my lips.



Koalaswim pouch swimwear cock shape

Mens Speedos, speedo bulge, pouch swimwear and the ultimate bulge

Mens Speedos create a small bulge, they hide the penis, flatten it out and offer little shape to display. Pouch swimwear is all about bulge and bulge shape. A speedo bulge offers little to enjoy visually and the way it feels on. The wearer of pouch swimwear should have just as much of a thrill as the person viewing it. The ultimate bulge can mean many things to many male swimwear lovers. Some like a huge bulge and there are pouch swimwear designs for that. Some like a micro bulge and yes there are designs that offer that look too.  You can see hundreds of mens swimwear bulges here.

Thought I would post a pouch swimwear photo that blew me away. This bulge make my bulge grow. Sorry mens speed wearers you can never have this sexy of a look unless you change to designer suits. This designs is by Michael David.


Koala mens swimwear Koalaswim.com



Speedos pouch swimwear? No I think smaller is better!

Men wearing Speedos show a very small bulge because as far as pouch swimwear designs are concerned they have a flat style pouch. Real pouch swimwear designs should be bikinis, thongs and g-strings, pouch swimwear designs to enhance the bulge, some make the bulge larger, some make the bulge more streamlined while others pouch swimwear designs create other effects and amazing bulge designs.

No doubt the leader in men’s pouch swimwear fashion are the boys at Koalaswim.com. There head designer Michael David has been featured in hundreds of men’s magazines through out the world.  Check out Koalaswim.com at link:  Mens swimwear


Here is an example of there insane designs

Thrill Pouch Bikini

If you are
tired of hiding your cock with ordinary swimwear, then you need to get your
hands on a Thrill Pouch Bikini and
show off what you have. This full sized male form bikini will give you the
chance to show the world what you get to bring to the party, and you can be
guaranteed that every guy around you is going to be jealous. The semi sheer
material is going to give you the chance to show those close to you exactly what
you have inside of it while still remaining covered and solid looking from a

For guys
that might have smaller cocks, the Thrill
Pouch Bikini
is going to be a bit harder for you to fill out, but that
doesn’t mean you can’t. Simply get yourself a cock ring or one of those magic
blue pills and show everyone that even the smallest of cocks has a chance to
look good in a Thrill Pouch Bikini.
Koalaswim.com does its best to make sure that all sizes are displayed in ways
that will make the wearer happy with their decision to purchase one of their
items, and the Thrill Pouch Bikini is
no different.

You have
options when it comes to wearing swimwear; you can go with the more traditional
aspects and hide that cock of yours away like you are ashamed of it, or you can
purchase the Thrill Pouch Bikini and
show the world that your cock is a part of who you are, and you want the world
to know about it in every sexy detail. Whichever way you choose to display
yourself, be sure that you are ready for the amount of attention that your Thrill Pouch Bikini is going to give to
you when you wear it out to the beach for a hot day of fun.


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