Courageous Enough for Pouch Swimwear

There are several things that are required to successfully appear in public in pouch swimwear. These include such things as being in decent shape and having all extra hair shaved from the body. Obviously, those things are going to be needed because any man appearing in public wearing nothing except a pouch and looking like a potato is going to be laughed off of the beach. That seems to be a foregone conclusion. On the other hand, there’s a lot to be said for showing off a truly great body when a guy has gone to all of this trouble to keep himself in amazing shape. Then everyone wants to look at the guys wearing pouches.


Something else that is needed quite strongly to succeed in displaying pouch swimwear is the courage to put it on and walk out the door. Too many men are just not brave enough to appear on a public beach mostly naked. It is not only the guys that need to work on their bodies, either. Just as many men that are in almost perfect shape hesitate to wear something like a pouch when they hit the beach. It is kind of hard to believe that a man with a great body would not want to show off as much of as possible as many times as he can. Yet, there are those fantastic looking guys that are not brave enough to appear in public wearing something quite this revealing.

It does take a very special man to put on pouch swimwear and head to the beach. That man must be in good shape, have good hygiene, and be brave enough to assume that everyone will want to see his magnificent body. It is that attitude and self-confidence that will get the positive attention that the men wearing pouches seek and deserve to have.

Getting Ready for Wearing Pouch Swimwear in Public


Taking my pouch swimwear out in public was difficult in the beginning. I felt like I was on display to the entire world, which I was most definitely. However, being on display and showing off your body to complete strangers are completely different in my opinion. That feeling of everyone staring at you and judging you is something that you are going to have to get over if you are planning on wearing something like this on a regular basis. The good news is that it will start to get better once the paranoia wears off.

It took me a long time to finally decide to wear my pouch swimwear out in public. I was wearing them around the house for months before I got the courage to take them out in public. Once I did, I wasn’t sure that I had made the right choice.  As time went on, however, I was able to focus on how much I enjoyed wearing them. Once I was able to focus on that; it was pretty easy to go out and wear them without any hassles. Now I simply don’t care what others might think about what I am wearing.

If you do decide to wear pouch swimwear, make sure that you are comfortable in them. Wear them around the house like I did until you get a feel for how they are going to fit. It will take some time for most guys to get comfortable in them but it is worth the time you spend getting there. I would never have felt comfortable in wearing something like this in public if I hadn’t taken the time to wear them around the house. Of course you can be the dangerous type and just go for broke and go out there anyway to see what kind of reaction you get. That part is totally up to you.

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Displaying My Pouch Swimwear

I wear my pouch swimwear to the beach just about every day now. I wasn’t sure if they were going to let me go out in public displaying my pouch at first, but as it turns out, I am not the only one that enjoys them. There is an entire group of guys that like to spend time on the beach in swimwear like this and some of them are sporting designs that are ever skimpier than what I wear. It made me very happy to see them out on the beach for the first time.

Since I enjoy my pouch swimwear as much as they do, they have accepted me into the fold. While wearing my pouch was exciting for me, walking around the beach with a group of guys that are all wearing different pouch designs is even better. You never really know what you are missing out on until you have found others to share a fetish like this with. Then you will wonder why you hadn’t been involved in a group like this before now. This is the main reason I end up going to the beach as often as I do now.

On the other hand, there are times when going to the beach in your pouch swimwear just isn’t going to happen. Whether its work or the weather isn’t on your side, you just won’t be able to go out and show the world your new pouch design. But I get around that by wearing them at home and walking around my house with all the curtains wide open. Since I have massive floor to ceiling windows, everyone that passes by gets a good viewing of whatever it is I am wearing that day. Some people may think it’s strange but those people can stop looking through my windows at me if it bothers them that much. I believe there’s a word for those people: peeping toms.


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Making Friends through Pouch Swimwear

Wearing my pouch swimwear out to the beach the other day was quite an adventure. I figured I was going to be the only guy there, as usual, to wear something like this. Imagine my surprise to discover that I wasn’t. As it turned out, there were a couple of other guys wearing a pouch and, once we saw each other, we knew we had a lot in common. Now most people don’t get together simply because of the clothes they are wearing but, when it comes to a pouch, you instantly know the other person is someone you can relate to on multiple levels.


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While they were wearing completely different pouch swimwear designs than me, I still felt a connection with them that was extraordinary. I can’t really put my finger on the feeling that I had when I saw them but I could tell they were feeling the same way with me. We ended up spending all day talking about our lives and the different swimwear designs we enjoyed. It was one of those philosophical moments in time that happen rarely these days since everyone is so busy trying to get ahead in their lives.



It’s funny to think that I made new friends simply because we were all wearing pouch swimwear designs that most people never even think twice about wearing in public. I know a few guys that love wearing them but they are afraid of the attention they would get by wearing them out in public. You could imagine how great it was to find others out there that were willing to put their bodies on display by wearing something like this. It just goes to show you that there are some guys that are still concerned about having fun over trying to fit in with the general public these days.

Loving My Pouch Swimwear

Loving My Pouch Swimwear

When you
decide to wear pouch swimwear for the first time, you are going to feel like
you are completely on display. The truth of the matter is you will be on display and everyone around
you is going to see that. You may not understand why people are looking at you
in that manner, but you will eventually see that there are some people that are
enjoying the view you are giving them. When it comes to going out in public,
you need to realize that you are putting yourself out there to be seen and not
just hiding away in your bedroom.

There are
some pouch swimwear designs available that will make you think twice about
going out in public, too. These designs are for the guys that are really
interested in making a big splash when they go out to the beach. But you have
to make sure that the beach you are going to will allow you to wear designs
like this. If they don’t, then you need to find another beach that you can go
to where they will let you wear these designs. Either that or you can wear them
in your backyard and not show them to anyone.

My pouch
swimwear designs are safe to wear just about anywhere, although I have had a
few issues with people not liking them all that much. But since it’s not
against any rules for me to wear them, they don’t really have any say in it. I
have found that the people that do enjoy the designs I wear are usually the
ones that will smile and talk to me about my swimwear. I have gotten quite a
few other guys to wear them out to the beach after they started talking to me
about the ones that I was wearing and the more guys wearing them the happier I
am. I don’t mind sharing the attention.


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Pouch Swimwear to Create an Illusion

Pouch Swimwear to Create an Illusion

When I wear
my pouch swimwear I always get compliments on how great I look. I think the
main reason for all these compliments comes from the fact that my pouch shows off
a rather large bulge in the front. The funny thing about it is that I don’t
really have that big of a bulge to begin with, but the people that see me walk
around in my swimwear don’t know that. The pouches that I wear tend to have
cock rings built into them so that it gives me the look of having a fairly
massive amount of cock stuffed inside.

I love the
fact that my pouch swimwear gives me that massive looking bulge, but it does
get a bit tedious when I finally get someone back to my place and I have to
take that pouch off to reveal the truth to them. Some people are perfectly fine
when they find out that it’s all an illusion and the cock ring made it look
bigger than it actually is, while others will usually get a bit upset that I
tricked them. It’s not my intention to trick anyone with the size of the bulge
in my pouch, but I still enjoy the compliments I get from the people around me.

If you have
always wanted to show off your cock but have found that it’s a bit too small to
get any attention, then looking into these pouch swimwear designs with the cock
rings built into them is probably your best bet. I can tell you that they have
done wonders for me over the last few years and I probably wouldn’t ever go to
the beach without one now. Of course, there are times when I would love to go
to the beach with nothing on, but I probably wouldn’t last all that long if I
did that. Besides, then everyone would see my cock for the size it really is.


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Getting the Most from Your Pouch Swimwear

Getting the Most from Your Pouch Swimwear

Pouch swimwear may be all the rage in certain parts
of the world, but you’ll find that there are beaches in those areas that allow
nudity of all stages. You see, this type of swimwear doesn’t cover anything
except your cock and balls. That’s it. Everything else is totally exposed. In
fact, once you see how a pouch fits, you may kind of wonder why guys even
bother with it at all. There’s not really any guessing as to what’s underneath
and it’s almost like you’re wearing a little sign on your body that says “LOOK

On the other hand, pouch swimwear can be very
provocative when worn the right way. For example, try wearing a pouch that’s
skin colored. From a distance, you’ll not only look completely naked but you’ll
also look as if you’re a Ken doll. You know how they make those dolls
anatomically incorrect? That’s what you’ll look like because it will seem as if
you have no genitals at all. That can be a kind of funny trick to play in the
right group of people.

Many men love to wear their pouches around the house
or around their own private swimming pools. Pouch swimwear is great as a seductive
tool when you want to have a special hot night with your partner. Just think of
how that person will look at you when you present yourself in that pouch. It
usually doesn’t take very long until you’re both in a passion filled embrace
and more.

You could always get one of these pouches for your
partner, too. In that way, you can both enjoy seducing each other by wearing
them at the same time. Come on, now, you know you want to try it! These are
some of the hottest and sexiest garments in the swimwear industry and you’re
going to find that out from the moment you put your first one on.


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Boasting Pouch Swimwear


Boasting Pouch Swimwear

There is nothing quite like wearing pouch swimwear
out in public. The looks that you get from both men and women will show you
that wearing something like this definitely draws attention. Of course, you do
have to make sure you are wearing them in places that will allow designs like
this. Some of the designs in swimwear these days are a bit on the skimpy side
of things and a lot of people don’t think that it’s right to show off that
amount of skin in public. Too bad they didn’t understand what it was like to
put something like this on, though.

I have been wearing pouch swimwear for a while now
and I know all the places that I can safely wear them out in public in my local
area. I still enjoy wearing my traditional swimwear whenever I can, but my
pouch designs are by far more comfortable and exciting to me than anything else
I might wear. I love the feeling of having my body on display and the attention
that I get is always good. People love looking at something unique when it
comes to swimwear from what I have gathered over the last couple of years.

If you have never worn pouch swimwear in the past,
then you are going to be very surprised at how well they fit. Even if you
purchase a design that is a bit big the first time you put it on, you will
still look good in them. Just be aware that people will look at you a bit funny
the first time they see you wearing them, but once they get used to it, they
are going to want to find out more about your design. This is a great way for a
single man to get out there and start collecting phone numbers, so keep that in
mind as well.

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Being Wild in my Pouch Swimwear

Being Wild in my Pouch Swimwear

pouch swimwear out to the beach is probably the wildest thing I have ever done
in my life. You see, I am one of those guys that worries about what other
people think of them and what they are wearing. I don’t want people to look at
me and see someone that is insecure or anything. On the other hand, I don’t
want them to look at me and think that I am out of my mind for wearing
something that blatantly shows off my cock, either. I just want them to enjoy
the view as much as possible when I am walking down the beach.

My pouch
swimwear designs allow me to show off my cock in a way that doesn’t make me
self-conscious to a fault. But they also tell people that I do have a wild side
once you get to know me better. I guess the main reason that I wear something
like this is so that it will be easier for me to find a date. People can take
one glance in my direction and see the type of guy that I really am underneath
these pouch designs and that helps me figure out who I might be interested in
later on down the road. You see how that works?


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Pouch swimwear cock stretching extreme! by

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Tak a Risk and Wear Pouch Swimwear

Tak a Risk and Wear Pouch Swimwear

Are you one of those daring men who isn’t afraid to
take a risk once a while? Maybe you simply aren’t afraid of what others may
think of you. Whether you are either or both of these types of men, you
probably have invested in pouch swimwear in the past and you haven’t been
afraid to actually wear it out in public. In fact, you probably loved the
attention you got from the people that watched you strut by on the beach. Many
of them most likely did a double take when they saw you because they thought
you weren’t wearing anything at all. Of course, they were partially correct
because your ass isn’t covered even a tiny bit.

That’s the thing about wearing pouch swimwear. You
really need a lot of confidence in order to pull it off, and there really are
not many men around that have enough confidence in the way they look to put one
of these on and allow themselves to be seen by others. On the other hand, you
might just enjoy wearing it at home while you are alone or wear it for your
partner if you don’t feel quite ready to launch your inaugural run in public
while wearing a pouch. Once you start looking into pouches, you’ll find many
ways that you can enjoy wearing them.


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