Enjoy your Pouch Swimwear

Pouch Swimwear

Enjoy your Pouch Swimwear

The advent
of the pouch swimwear style was
created for all those guys that got tired of looking at women wearing sexy
bikinis on the beach and not being able to do the same thing. Granted, there
were a few men that went and purchased women’s bikini bottoms and tried wearing
them out on the beach, but they weren’t nearly as comfortable as they thought
it would be. Women’s bikinis were never meant to hold that much meat inside
them and it usually looks funny unless you tuck your penis under your legs and
hide it.

So the idea
of pouch swimwear was brought into
being by guys that were tired of having to hide their cocks in order to wear a
sexy bikini. Instead of hiding it, they decided that it would be much more
beneficial to let the world share in the glory that was their cock and place it
inside a pouch. Now, they can wear sexy bikinis out on the beach anytime they
want to and not get laughed at by strangers and friends alike by wearing some
pink polka-dot bikini bottom that they just purchased at Wal-Mart. Life is
wonderful now that there are pouches in bikinis specifically made to hold the
male penis.


Pouch mens swimwear by Koala

Get ready to be blown away!

One thought on “Enjoy your Pouch Swimwear

  1. I love the feeling of women’s panties on my skin but you do have to wonder why any guy would attempt to wear a bikini bottom out in public. I tried to wear my wife’s as a joke around our pool and couldn’t keep my cock in it to save the world. That whole pull and tuck routine just isn’t something I am interested in doing, either. I know that some guys have no issues with it but I always end up racking myself when I walk or sit down.
    The pouch style gives me the chance to enjoy my bikini and get a great tan while not having to worry about how I move or sit down anymore. That is extremely important to me and any other man that has large testicles. But being able to show the world what kind of package I’m delivering that day is something that my wife isn’t all that thrilled about, at least not out in public. She tends to get jealous and a bit possessive especially when other women start noticing that my pouch is twice as big as their husbands could ever be.