Feeling Proud in my Pouch Swimwear

Feeling Proud in my Pouch Swimwear

I have found wearing pouch swimwear to be the most
aggressive way of getting attention out on the beach. I have tried wearing
numerous other swimwear options in the past and never had the same success of
getting people to notice me until I found out about these pouches. I was amazed
to see that there were designs on the market that would even make my cock look
bigger than it normally is, which is pretty important if you are planning to go
into the water while you are on the beach or at the pool.

I wasn’t sure how my first pouch swimwear was going
to fit at first or how they were going to fit my body, but it didn’t stop me
from trying them out. I figured that even if I didn’t find them all that
comfortable to begin with, I would force myself to get used to them by wearing
them all the time, no matter what. Thankfully, I didn’t have to force myself to
enjoy them at all because as soon as I pulled them on, I knew I had made the
right choice in picking them to wear.

If you are wondering what it takes to wear pouch
swimwear out in public, I would have to say that it requires you to have an
unwavering amount of courage to appear in public wearing something that most
people wouldn’t even consider to be legitimate swimwear. People are going to
stare at you and you just have to get over it if you truly want to enjoy your
day out on the beach. Of course, I love getting all that attention and I have
no issues with people staring at me all the time, especially when I am wearing
something as sexy as my pouch. Now I just need to find someone else to go to
the beach with me while wearing one and everything will be right in my world.
So far, all of my friends are wussies when it comes to wearing something this
daring but I’m still holding out hope.


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