Getting Ready for Wearing Pouch Swimwear in Public


Taking my pouch swimwear out in public was difficult in the beginning. I felt like I was on display to the entire world, which I was most definitely. However, being on display and showing off your body to complete strangers are completely different in my opinion. That feeling of everyone staring at you and judging you is something that you are going to have to get over if you are planning on wearing something like this on a regular basis. The good news is that it will start to get better once the paranoia wears off.

It took me a long time to finally decide to wear my pouch swimwear out in public. I was wearing them around the house for months before I got the courage to take them out in public. Once I did, I wasn’t sure that I had made the right choice.  As time went on, however, I was able to focus on how much I enjoyed wearing them. Once I was able to focus on that; it was pretty easy to go out and wear them without any hassles. Now I simply don’t care what others might think about what I am wearing.

If you do decide to wear pouch swimwear, make sure that you are comfortable in them. Wear them around the house like I did until you get a feel for how they are going to fit. It will take some time for most guys to get comfortable in them but it is worth the time you spend getting there. I would never have felt comfortable in wearing something like this in public if I hadn’t taken the time to wear them around the house. Of course you can be the dangerous type and just go for broke and go out there anyway to see what kind of reaction you get. That part is totally up to you.

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Confidence Boosting Pouch Swimwear

Pouch Swimwear

Confidence Boosting Pouch Swimwear

If you have
ever felt that your swimwear is out of date, then you might want to take a look
at the newer pouch swimwear items that are starting to become so popular these
days. The traditional swimwear that you can find at any store on the planet has
become so mundane that a lot of guys actually prefer to wear regular shorts
rather than spending money and purchasing swimwear. They are perfectly happy to
just be out on the beach in the sun and they couldn’t care less if they have on
swimwear or not. So they wear their shorts out into the water.

However, being
able to wear pouch swimwear on a regular basis can take that careless attitude out
of the equation and give you a chance to live a happier life in general. You
don’t have to settle with the typical swimwear that you can purchase in any
store on the street these days. Instead, you can have something that is unique
and exciting to wear no matter what you are looking for, and that can be
something that really gives you a boost in your self-confidence. With that kind
of confidence, you can manage to do just about anything you put your mind to
and succeed.


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Pouch Swimwear by Koalaswim

What my pouch swimwear and I weren’t expecting
was her husband being at her home when we showed up. Apparently, he had seen me
walking down the beach in my little swimwear and was curious as to what it
would be like to have me up for a drink. So he sent his wife down to check me
out. Oddly enough, I wasn’t upset by him doing this and figured it would end up
being a fairly entertaining night, regardless. Entertaining isn’t even the word
that comes close to describing what happened that night, but I have gotten a
bit ahead of myself.

When I first
walked into the house, I found her husband lying on the couch wearing a pair of
pouch swimwear from
that I had often wondered about whenever I went to their site to look around. I
wasn’t sure if I would enjoy wearing them or not, but seeing him in them made
me want to rush home to purchase a pair for myself. Of course, that would have
been odd since I was just invited in. So, I held back my urges and relaxed on
the couch next to her husband as she left the room and got us a couple of

We discussed
our different pouch swimwear items
and had a laugh or two when she walked into the room with three glasses. I
reached out to take mine and her husband slid his hand across my thigh and onto
my pouch. That caught me a bit off guard at first, and I kind of jumped a bit,
but looking up at his wife’s face made me relax again as she smiled back. I
knew right then that this evening was going to get very kinky and I would end
up remembering it for a very long time.

As her
husband moved his hand against my pouch
, rubbing my cock gently in a circular motion, she was standing
over me taking her top off. She had the most perfect breasts I have ever seen,
and I was very impressed to see just how hard her nipples were. She put her
hands on my shoulders and proceeded to straddle over my legs while her husband
started to knead my growing bulge at the same time. She moved her thighs
against me and positioned her pussy against his hand as well, so that he was
making both of us extremely wet.


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