Take a Chance on Pouch Swimwear

You may or may not have heard of pouch swimwear, but it has become quite well known in some of the more liberal areas of the world where clothing optional beaches are the norm. These are basically small pieces of fabric that are sewn together with a drawstring added. Some of them may have zippers while others may simply have a fitted piece of elastic. These pouches are placed on a man’s penis and balls to conceal them. The package is protected from the elements such as sun, sand, wind, rain or whatever else may be blowing around.

While protection is a great idea and should be undertaken by all men that prefer not to wear traditional swimwear in public, the fact that pouch swimwear covers so little of the body is probably its worst issue. On the one hand, pouches are perfect for those clothing optional beaches because the guys that wear them can be 99 percent nude while keeping their important parts sheltered. On the other hand, those are going to be the only types of beaches that men will be allowed to wear these. Of course, they can always wear them at home or at the homes of open minded friends.

If you find that you enjoy pouch swimwear, you can always choose to have a collection of them for when you want to do something just a little bit different.  Don them when you and your partner are ready to have a special night of passion together. That will be a huge surprise for your partner when you emerge wearing only your pouch. If you have a decent body, it will be even more fun because you can strut and posture for your partner and let him or her just enjoy the view.  You can bet that there will be plenty of heat in your bedroom and your bed that night.


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Taking a Chance with Pouch Swimwear

Taking a Chance with Pouch Swimwear

Wearing my
pouch swimwear to a party one night turned out to be the best thing in the world.
I wasn’t sure if anyone else was going to be wearing anything like this, but it
turned out that I was the only one. However, once they saw my pouch, all of the
attention was focused on me. It was almost like I had some kind of celebrity
status at this party and I didn’t know but two people there. It’s amazing what
doing something unconventional can bring to your life if you are willing to
look past what other people might think of you at the time.

Pouch swimwear Men's Brazilian bikini by koalaswim.com cock and anal wear

Pouch swimwear Men's Brazilian bikini by koalaswim.com

The fact
that I was the only person there wearing anything closely resembling pouch
swimwear was interesting to say the least. Thankfully, I had the cock size
needed to make a great impression while wearing something like that because I
got a lot of requests to prove that my cock was actually that big. I have since
been invited to three more parties and told to specifically wear the swimwear I
was wearing at that first party. My life has gone from boring to exciting in
the matter of a few seconds, and it all started with that last minute decision
to wear something unique to a friend’s party.


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